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Story Of Us (Part 2) When Tomorrow Comes - Fitting With The Norms.

This story is not related to real life events. All of this is a fiction thought by the author 

Days passes by, turning into months. Time has bring them together, but time is also the reason they are apart. Six months have passed by, and as for the two boys, Zakir and Khairul, things started to change. No more hanging out in the basketball court. No more running away from teachers. No more undone homework. Just them and the new days. For Farhanah, she went to her grandparent's house. But still, the difference is crystal clear. She misses her days with her friends. She misses her days helping the teachers. She misses the sidewalk near the school hall, the place where she sits with her friends and do their homework before class. For Liyana and Aisyah, they continues their school days. Their last year as school students. It is time for them to be the senior of the school. Liyana is still stays in contact with Khairul since they are neighbours. While Aisyah and Khairul are getting closer day by day, even though Khairul is a little busy because of his job. As for Zakir, he still haven't got the chance to meet up with Farhanah. He never did tell anyone about it. Just him alone knows. No other. On the other hand, he usually have dinner with Khairul when their shifts is over. But things are about to change again. The results was out! Results to where they would further their studies. It has been long waited for the three ex-students, and it is anticipated by the other two school girls. There it goes. It was Tuesday. The results were out at 8.30am. But all of them know that the webpage will be jammed because of too many people accessing the results. But one got lucky.

She clicks the empty box entitled 'IC number' and fills in. Next the password for her ID. Her heart pulse rises. It was a fluttering moment. The suspense keep on rising as the page loads slowly. There it was, her name on the screen. 'Nur Farhanah Binti Mohd Ismail'. Then, came along her IC number. She then said to herself "Be patience Farhanah". She then went to the washroom to wash her anxious face. It was one of the way for her to cool herself. She then dry her face with her light red face towel and head back to her pink Acer laptop. There she sees, a sentence shown on the screen. "CONGRATULATIONS! You are accepted to further you studies in Diploma of Sociology in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)." She was shocked. It was her first choice out of the 8 that she choose. She was very happy. "Alhamdulillah." She said with a smile while rubbing her hands to her face. She told her grandmother the good news and called her mother afterwards. That night they went out celebrating with a dinner in a 4 star restaurant. Meanwhile, the two boys just finished their work. They soon head home and went to see their results. Zakir got an offer to go for Medical Science in the same university as Farhanah's, but neither of them knows about it. As for Khairul, his offers are not as what he expected. An offer to do Oil Chemistry in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UniMaS). He never choose that course. So, he decides to continue his work at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. The place where he and Zakir works for four months now. Luckily, his parents agrees on it.

Then it came, the day where the road leads them to different paths. Again. But, some roads collided. It was the day of the registration of new students. Zakir and his family was there early. Around 9.00 in the morning they arrived in where the instruction told them to. In front of College 10. The place where it would be his second home. For Farhanah, she arrives in front of her college at 9.43am. It was already crowded there on the parking lot of Fifth College . There they are, filling up registration forms, giving their copy of documents which is needed by the university's administration and been given keys to their rooms. Each room has only two people inside. For Zakir, his roommate is an acquaintance from school. Azem. They know each other, but not close. Farhanah have a slightly different situation. She shares her room with a senior. A 2nd year student named Yasmin Suraya or Min to be short. Both of them introduce their selves and started to unpack. As night came, Zakir and Farhanah have to go to their orientation program. They were about to have a big surprise on what fate brings to them. Zakir's secret hope is about to be made real. His hope that he kept on believing it for almost a year now. A hope to see each other. At this place, he was given a chance. A chance that never came to him in the past.

It was the third day of the five day of orientation. The one event that made them close. A treasure hunt! It may seems childish, but it is one of the effective ways to generate teamwork. That teamwork is the starting point of their involvement towards each other's lives. "Okay, now i want to separate you into smaller groups and this time, you will have members from other colleges." Said the facilitator to the students. "Now, this is interesting, people from different colleges in a group. I wonder who would be in my group? I think it would be better if Farhanah was here" Zakir's speaks with his thoughts. A silent monologue about his hope. "Zakir! Zakir!" One of the facilitator called him. "Yes" he answers. "You are now assigned to Group 4, please go to your group members on the left" the facilitator ordered him. As Zakir goes into the group, he over heard a name that is being called. A familiar name. "Could it be?" he said. He then goes in front of the group to see if what he heard just now was true. Then came a young girl. When Zakir saw her, he was very shocked, excited and confuse at the same time. The girl then joins his group. "Okay then that is the last member of this group. Now for Group 5..." The facilitator continues with his task.  As for Zakir, it was like a dream come true. A dream of getting the chance to know her, and now the chance is his. An internal conflict arrives inside his mind. "Should I get to know her now or should I do it later?" Before he could answer that thought of his, the 'hunt' begins! For him, it's like doing two hunting at once.  The hunt for the treasure versus The hunt for an opportunity to take a step forward.

Thirty minutes past by. He still hesitates to act. Until that one opportunity comes. "We're going to divide into smaller groups so that we can find the things faster." Said the Group 4 leader. "Okay, everybody got their partners?" He ask again. Some how, the only two person who did not have a pair is Zakir and Farhanah. Maybe because both of them don't know anyone in the group except for each other. "Since the two of you doesn't have any partners, both of you will be partners." Said the leader again. Both of them just nod slowly. "We will meet again here in twenty minutes. Dismiss." Then, the two of them walks to the south of the Sultan Abdul Samad Library. It is one of the way to the Agriculture Faculty. There are three things that they have to find there. "I-I think we should go and search for the yellow flower first." Said Farhanah. The first dialog between them in almost a year. It was a very awkward moment between the two of them. "Okay." Zakir replies. "So, h-how was your holidays?" Both of them said at the same time. With a shivering voice of course. Red on their faces.
 Another year passes. Zakir and Farhanah had become closer. They had lunch together every Monday and Thursday. While every evening they went for a walk together, most of the times they walk in a group along with their friends. Sometimes, just the two of them. But they never did say anything to anyone. Not even each other. They are afraid of what the other would say.

"Liyana!" a voice called out her name. She turns to the right and sees her neighbor, Khairul. "Come here. I got something to tell you."  he says. "What is the matter?" ask Liyana. "I have a job offer to you."he replies. "What kind of job? she ask to know more while crossing her arms between another. "A part time model for a magazine company. When my boss asked me about knowing someone that can do modeling for the new magazine cover, I can't think of anyone but you. Since you did once said you wanted to be a model for a magazine. So, now is your chance." A long briefing gave by Khairul to explain the situation. "Hmm, I don't know." she said with hesitation. "A chance like this wont come twice you know. How about you give it a try first?" Khairul tries to persuade Liyana. She then take a thought about it. While she was thinking, she hums and her left hand resting her chin. After a minute she says. "Okay then! I'll try." "Great! I'll pick you up on Tuesday morning. At 8.00am. Dress well, because they wanted to interview you first." Said Khairul, while sending Liyana out from his lawn's gate. That was the start of their relation from neighbor to colleague as for Khairul had stop working for Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and now writes for Karangkraft. A few days after, Liyana went to the interview and pass. She begins to work as a full time model. A cover girl to be exact. Cover girl to a well know magazine titled 'Remaja'. A new model in the making. Although it is more likely to be said as 'already had been born'.

A girl with an offer letter in her hands. A large university emblem. On the right of the emblem, stated the name of the university. University of Birmingham. "You are offered to further your studies in Science of Psychology in our university." She then focus on the first sentence that writes "Congratulations, Siti Aisyah..." She takes a deep breath and let go slowly.

To be continue...

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Story Of Us (Part 1) End of School Days - Seperation

This story is not related to real life events. All of this is a fiction thought by the author

The wind blows smoothly through the trees. You can see some of the leaves falls to the ground, some falls to the bench. The bench where a girl is waiting near the schools basketball court. Waiting for her friends to go home. There, she sits gently with poise while reading a book about love. Love story novels to be exact. As she was far away in her daydream, then came a young boy shouted "Look Out!" Well, it's kinda too late to 'look out' for the ball that is heading her way. As she looks, a huge orange ball hit her on her forehead and landed on her lap. "Ouch! That hurts." said the girl. It was then all of this began. The friendship of two people. "Are you okay? I am so sorry. I must have overestimated the shot." He came closer to the girl to see her condition. "I'm okay. It's nothing" While pressing her hand onto her forehead. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Yup." one word reply from the girl while her hand gives the boy his ball back. "Hmm, how about I make it out to you, as a token of my apology?" the boy offered her while taking the ball from her. "Okay, but it's already 1.10pm. So I wont be long here." and a smile follows her answer even though her hand is still rubbing her forehead slowly. "Oh, so how about now? I'll pass the ball to my friends first then we can go to the canteen." He said while smiling back at her. "Before that, I'm Khairul. And you?" he continues. "Aisyah", she said. He turns, walks a few steps (around 6), calls a name and passes the ball from far. Then turn with a smile and says, "Shall we, Miss Aisyah?"

The canteen was not crowded as for only a few groups of people are there. Most of them are the evening session's students. "So, Aisyah tell me what you want, and I'll buy it for you. Just think of it as an apology gift" he said while his hand shows the canteen stalls. Aisyah thinks silently for a while and came out with... "STRAWBERRY MILK!" she said loudly and full with excitement while her hands hold her novel in such a way like hoping for it. "Okay, as you wish your majesty" He bows a little just to have a friendly joke with her. "Hahaha" they laugh. While Khairul buys her strawberry milk, Aisyah waits near the canteen tables and sits there. Just when she was about to open the pages of her novel, a familiar voice shouted her name. The sound came from a pathway on her left. She turns and sees her friend. "Anis, is your class finish already?" probably shocked by the sudden appearance of her friend. "Yeah, I just finished my class. By the way, what are you doing here? I thought you were waiting near the basketball court." Just before Aisyah open her mouth, a boy holding a box of Dutch Lady's strawberry milk came towards them. "Here you go." He gives her the item. "Err, T-thanks" Aisyah said with shaking voice. Anis glances at her. It was an awkward moment for Aisyah. Her cheeks turn a little red. Luckily for her, Khairul didn't seems to notice. "I bet this is the friend that you've been waiting for just now, huh?" Khairul said after seeing an unknown person next to Aisyah. He smiles to Anis. "Seems that it is done. I guess I'll be on my way" Khairul continues and turns his view to the direction of the basketball court. "Wait!" Aisyah stops him. "Yes?" he turns back. "Err, nothing" she hesitates. Just like he understands what she means to say. he replied, "Don't worry, we will see each other again someday". "Okay", said Aisyah with a slow voice. He smiles, and left the two girls at the canteen.

The boys are still playing at the court. "There he is!" said a boy who is slightly taller than Khairul with a grin on his face. "What?" Khairul asked him followed with a small laugh. "So, how was your date?" the boy ask. "It was not a date, Zakir. It is an apology" Khairul answers the question asked by his friend, Zakir. "Yeah, right! So, you decide to have a date at the school canteen on the last day of school. Not a bad try, Khairul. Not a bad try." Zakir is toying with him follow by a laugh. "It is not a date! It's an apology treat. Can we get on with the game?" Khairul tries to avoid more sarcasm from Zakir.
The two girls walk to the main gate's guardhouse which is inside the school wall to wait for their family members to pick them up. Aisyah is still sipping the strawberry milk that Khairul bought for her. "Poor you. Because of me, you got hit with a basketball on the head. But still, I am not sorry for you" said Anis after hearing the explanation from Aisyah. "Huh?" Aisyah was shocked when she hears Anis's last sentence. Noticing Aisyah's reaction Anis reply "Why should I be sorry? You did make a new friend there and by the colour of his name tag, he is a senior. Plus, he buys you a drink!" she points to the box of strawberry milk. They both laugh.

Out side from the wall where Aisyah and Anis waits for their carpool, there are many people standing, talking, and some trying to cross the road to their homes. There are also people selling foods, drinks and even icecream under the shades of trees aside the pavement. There are two girls eating their ice creams under the shade of the trees. "Liyana, you are close to Khairul right?" One of the girls ask the other. "Yes, he is my neighbour. Why did you ask?" Liyana replies. "Nothing. It's just that it is the last day of school and.." Just before the girl could finish her sentence, Liyana interrupts, "Farhanah, please don't say you have a crush on him." "No! It's not like that at all." Farhanah reply with a slightly shouting. She doesn't want her cousin to get the wrong idea, but her face was clearly red. It was easy to see as she has a fair skin. "Haha. Okay. Okay. Then what is it?" Liyana asked. Just before Farhanah could answer, her elder brother arrives. "I'll tell you later okay." Farhanah says to her cousin. They hugged each other and says goodbye. Farhanah wave at her cousin and get into the black Toyota. A few seconds after that, Khairul came along with Zakir. They were heading to the person who sells drinks. After a few rounds on the court, they really wore theirselves worned out. As always, they would buy a cup of 'teh o ais' and sits outside the school wall near to the main gate. While those two were walking, Aisyah saw them and follow them. She wanted to say thanks properly and wish for the holiday.

"Hi again!" The two boys turns to their left to see who greets them. "Oh, it's you! Why are you still here? Where is your friend?" Khairul ask her. Both of them were shocked when they see that the greetings came from a girl that one of them just knew about half an hour ago. "I'm waiting for my father. Anis has already gone back. Her mother came by just now. Why are you still here?" she said. "I guess we're in the same boat. I'm waiting for my mother she usually pick me up." Khairul replies. Then he realize, Zakir was quiet. He introduce Aisyah to Zakir. But after Zakir introduce himself, he went back into his 'silent mode'. Aisyah and Khairul talks about themselves. Their conversation is more towards knowing each other. They even exchange phone numbers. After a while, a girl came and shouted "There you are! I've been waiting for you for almost an hour." It was Liyana and she is a little angry. "There she comes, you're in a trouble here" said Zakir. She comes and stands between the three people. . She starts complaining about how long she has to wait. Then Aisyah says, "I'm sorry, I didn't know that he was supposed to wait for you." "You're Aisyah from 4 Sejahtera, aren't you?" ask Liyana. "Y-yes" says Aisyah. "Haa! I was right. Hi. I'm Liyana." she says while offers to shake hands. They shook hands. "Are..." Just before Aisyah could finish her question, she saw her father in an orange Proton Saga. "I got to go. Err, happy holidays." Aisyah runs towards her father's car and there she goes. Not knowing when will they see each other again.

Zakir then says, "Hey, Khairul. I think i got to go to." They shake hands and 'bro hug' each other. "See you soon. Happy holiday. Send my 'salam' to your family." says Khairul. "Okay. Goodbye." he turns and cross the road to the other end. Leaving Khairul and Liyana. Without the knowing of his friend, Zakir was searching for someone back at school, but he could not find her anywhere. He was looking for Farhanah. He was disapointed because he could not see her on the last day of school. That is the reason why he was quiet. He then talks to himself confidently saying, "If i got another chance to see her, I will talk to her." He then smiles and walks back home. Which is not far from the school. For Liyana and Khairul, both of them went home after ten minutes Zakir left them. In the car, Liyana whispers to Khairul "Tell me. What is going on with you and Aisyah?" He was shocked by the question. Almost choked on the new cup of 'teh o ais' he bought after Zakir left. His mother then says, "Hey, what's the news here? Don't left me out of the conversation." Liyana answers, "Khairul have a new girlfriend" follows by a laugh. "Is it true?" His mother ask. He denies it. "What's the matter? too shy to tell your mother?" Liyana says in sarcastic tone. He denies again. They laugh and change the course of their conversation to their holiday activites.

All of them know, by the end of that afternoon, they will be seperated. Even though some of them just met, and some never got the chance to see each other, but they still believe that one day they will see one another again. Before that, they will have to continue their lives by choosing their on road towards success. Wishing that their roads will joint again. Perhaps someday.

To be continue...